Links to Java applets by Prof. Yuen and by students

By Prof. Yuen:

Student Java Final Projects

Note that on some browsers, you might have to click on the game window so that keyboard keys work. Warning: Some games might take longer to load because of long music clips. Also, on games that use the keyboard, the game usually is better with the Key Repeat OFF.

  1. Tetris, by Chad Carrol (2000)
  2. Car Driving Game, by Stoyan Vlaikov (2000)
  3. Checkers, by Andrew Kucheriavy (2000)
  4. Solitaire Tile Game, by Mary McCubbin (2000)
  5. Air Hockey, by Lidia Asparouhova (2000)
  6. Snake Game, by Kalina Nikolova (2000) [use J and L to turn]
  7. Arknoid (Break Out), by Nick Dawson (2000)
  8. Columns, by Ngawang Lobsang (2000)
  9. Mouse Hunt Worm Game, by Marina Lin (2000)
  10. Scramble, by Eric Esteban (2000)
  11. Star Force, by Roberto Salazar (2000)
  12. Space Invaders, by Troy Abeln (2000)
  13. (2000)
  14. PacMan, by Tim Razik (1999) [Great Game, but link not working. Check later]
  15. Football: Simpsons vs Southpark, by Dustin Cassady (1999)
  16. Solitare, by Karen Siska (1998)
  17. Three Card Monte, by Brandon Estes (1998)
  18. Typing Practice, by Jai Ragoo (1998)